So, you want to live in Ecuador? we do, too…

So, you want to live in Ecuador? Cuenca, Quito, Manta or Bahia?
We lived in Ecuador 35 years ago, but have always wanted to come back to live here again.  We’ve visited, of course, but it’s not the same. Ecuador is addictive! You can’t just come once in a while!
We’re older now, more picky, more settled in our ways and likes but  no longer feel the need anymore to “make our way” in the world. We’ve raised our children, accomplished many things personally and professionally, and we’re ready to really enjoy life.  We are (obviously, duh) more mature, more experienced travelers of places and life. We feel it’s time for us to live life the way it’s supposed to be, and we’ve all decided that Ecuador is the best place in the world to do that.
This blog will be about the journey taken by 2 couples to live in Ecuador…one who has already  made the jump and are now living in Cuenca…and another couple who are still contemplating the how, the where, the how much and how soon – but who will, in the coming months/years ALSO make the leap…to live in Ecuador. We hope you enjoy our travels….

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