ManiPedis and gel, acrylic or cristal nails in Cuenca

We 2 Texas gals visited a “salon de mujer” on Saturday in Cuenca:  “Mujer, un espacio para ti!!!” owned by the lovely and perfectionist Johanna Sarmiento. I got a mani pedi ($11) complete with french tips and a subtle painted design on ring finger and thumbs.  My partner in crime had “cristal” nails – a completely new set – ($18) and were extremely pleased with the all.

The salon uses a sterilizer for all items and the ladies were very meticulous, careful an did a beautiful job, and we are very picky and particular ladies.  I gave up fake nails years ago because I hated that electric Dremel file thing that always seemed to bloody my cuticles and sand down way too much of my nail bed. No Dremel used here. I saw one in the salon but it wasn’t used on the Cristal nails. I’ve never had any designs painted on my nails since it usually costs so much, but I went all out for $11!

Johanna says that they only opened up 5 months ago (direccion: Miguel Cordero 1-220 y Cornelio Merchan; Sector Chirimoyas.  Tel: 098353972 or email .  Services include nails, massages, eyelash color and curl, waxing and hair. The massage therapy is $18 for an hour and 15 min, and the massage therapist is “certificado”. Editor’s note: we have found out that this email is, apparently, not working. Anyone who could give the ladies there a call, or drop by, verify the email address and comment here, much obliged, y’all!

2 Texas Gals highly recommend this salon.


2 responses to “ManiPedis and gel, acrylic or cristal nails in Cuenca

  1. Stephen Vargha

    I apologize to be posting in a public area, but I cannot find anywhere on your website any contact informationfor y’all. Is there an email address for y’all? The main reason for the request is that the email address for the salon in your blog bounces back. Thanks!

    • I am so sorry that you are correct, this email pings back as undeliverable. If anyone could give the ladies a call at their phone number, written here, or drive by and ask to verify the email address? I would be most obliged, y’all! Gracias!

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