Wish I was still in Cuenca…or anywhere but here…

The stuff in our son's room

Am, sadly, back in Texas. Avoiding the June 1 deadline for my current writing assignment (in my latest career, I am writing articles for a textbook and test publisher)

Am in my messy kitchen, looking at all the junk that I have accumulated in this house and that desperately needs to be sold, given or thrown away or maybe just lost somewhere. My husband is a very organized, minimalist loving guy; I am sort of a packrat. I say sort of because I really don’t want to admit that I am a packrat. Or worse, a hoarder. I do have a close relative, who is, I swear, a hoarder, and could easily be the subject of one of those reality TV shows. So, in my defense, I try to practice throwing away stuff just to be sure that I’m sane. When we were younger, we moved often for hubby’s work, about every 2 to 3 years. During those times, we never accumulated much extraneous stuff….but we’ve been in this house now 16 years. Ugh.

The other “gal” of the 2 of us is even more organized, has no problems whatsoever about throwing away stuff and has a blast about every 5 to 10 years completely redoing her living quarters. Which, obviously, she has just done in Cuenca. Needless to say, I am jealous of both her blithe ability to jettison belongings with nary a qualm as well as envious of their new digs.  I could post a lovely foto of their beautifully furnished new pad in Cuenca…maybe next time.

My latest house project, as I have told both myself and hubby, is to divest our current home of all of the “stuff” that we really don’t need and can’t easily move, to be accomplished within the next 12 months. Why 12 months? Hubby turns 59 1/2 in 12 months and those lovely IRA’s will be accessible.  So he has put his foot down and said, I’m quitting in 12 months, no ifs ands or buts. Let’s make it happen. Okey-dokey! So of course, I must be the one to sift through our life’s possessions, because if I let him do it, he would drive a U-Haul up to the front door and just shovel all the household contents into it and drop the entire load off at the closest Goodwill. I am not kidding about this.

Just one other slight hiccup in this plan. Our 29 year old (overgrown teenager) son lives with us and seems to enjoy living here even with all my rules!  These are:  1)  I impose a curfew (Sunday through Thursday night, if not home by 11:00 just don’t bother to return until after 6 a.m. He’s a grown up, I really don’t need to know where he is.  2) Twice a month, he is required to clean all 3 bathrooms and vacuum and mop the entire house. We have no carpet. Strangely, he is better at the sweeping/mopping than the bathrooms. Curious. He will also strip/wash/change bed linens whenever asked. About once a month he will agree to mow the front and back lawns. I tell him, either I pay someone to do it or you pay rent.  p.s. attached is a picture of his bedroom. He has asked for anonymity and that I not tag it with his name on Facebook, so methinks he realizes truly what a mess it is! I’m afraid he’s inherited his packrat genes from me.

I have decided to start with the clothes closets and drawers. Then on to the books and junk drawers. I am hoping to have a nice stash for a garage sale by September. Wish me good fortune and strength!


4 responses to “Wish I was still in Cuenca…or anywhere but here…

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  2. I feel your pain! We are having our estate sale this weekend. Don’t really think we are ready but it has to be done. I wish you luck. It is a lot harder than I thought! I can barely move after 3 days of moving, pricing and organizing.

  3. michael henry

    My wife and I just bought a condo in Cuenca. We plan to live part time there starting in 2012. I was in Peace Corps in Cuenca (76-77). Hope to meet you one of these days. I am very interested in the moving process. My wife wants to take most of our things to Ecuador while I think goodwill would be best. Like most conversations I will not win this one!

    • Hello! I was in the Peace Corps in 76 77 in Ecuador, too, I was in Manabi, and my hubby was also a PCV in Santo Domingo…we got married while we were in country. Which Omnibus were you in? Have you been back to Ecuador since the 70’s?

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