Cleaning the closets

Today I cleaned out my closet of tons of clothes that I haven’t worn for over 2 years. God knows why I keep all these clothes, but some of them haven’t fit me for 3 or 4 years. I guess I held out hope of losing a size or 2 and fitting into them, but typical me, if I lose a size or 2, I just run out to the mall and buy new duds and forget what’s in the closet!

I have 2 piles. One pile, on hangers, are those clothes that I will take down to “Too Good to be Threw” consignment store and maybe I’ll make a buck or $2. The other pile is stuff that is headed for the Goodwill donation station.

Tomorrow I will tackle a few of the other closets and try to make some space so I can actually see what’s crammed in there.

On a brighter note, my strategy of posting a picture here of my son’s messy room seemed to spur him onto some action.  Yesterday he went off to WallyWorld and bought a slew of plastic containers and spent the entire day organizing his toys.  He still has a few piles of laundry, both clean (he says) and dirty but hopefully he will get to them soon. I may have to threaten to throw all  the pilesof clothes in the backyard.

Hubby gets home Thursday night from this week’s out of town business trip, so I hope to surprise him with my anti-hoarding success!


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