Is History repeating itself – in Ecuador?

Alta is seeing History Repeat Itself in Cuenca:

When the East coast began to take part in the gold rush in California….thousands packed up their worldly belongings and headed West to seek wealth, a job or a living, a better climate and in general, the good life.  They brought everything they owned – which at times was meager but often, way too much for the wagons and horses to handle.

Full of optimism, travelers headed out for the new land.  Few were prepared for the rough terrain they encountered, Indians and other perils that lay West.  When trails became impassable, out went the treasured dresser to lighten the load.  Further down the trail the wedding dress and other cherished memories became too heavy for the wagons.  Eventually those full of fortitude pulled into their various destinations with very few possessions, if any.

I’m beginning to wonder if, once the destination was reached, did they immediately begin complaining about the lost treasures, the strange food; odd customs and numerous other differences between life in the East and West? Are we, as expats in Ecuador, any different?

A large number of the new residents from afar that I have met in Cuenca have complaining down to a science.  The food, the people, the culture, the cable company, the internet!  I often want to tell them to go back to the US and wait for the cable guy!   Was it really so much better there?  Why did you come here?

Agreed, moving half way across the world is not for the faint of heart or those unwilling to take a risk.  But, people, did you research everything about living in Ecuador?  Does complete happiness really depend on finding an exact replica of the US, set down in Cuenca?

Admittedly, we have only been here about 6 months so I accept the categorization of  “being in the honeymoon phase”.   For us, getting completely settled in here has been a cakewalk.   However, the main reason it has been so easy is we found a “fixer”.  I would never advise anyone to try this without a local to help you through the maze! Additionally, we did extensive research for over a year even down to the most inane details.  As this is a life changing decision why would anyone attempt it alone?

The best “fixer” I know:  Juan Perez.  Email:   Phone:  09 402-5712, Skype:  Juan Perez Cordero  We call him “Magic Juan” because challenges instantly go away as if by magic when turned over to him. (Ann says that I’ve mentioned him on this blog, too, and we’ll most likely keep mentioning him again)

No, to my knowledge, we cannot get chicken fried steak with cream gravy in Cuenca – yet.  But strangely enough we are “suffering” through it and are “delusional”  enough to think we are in paradise. And loving every minute!


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