Hats That Make You Smile

I find more giggles in Ecuador than I ever knew were possible. The most ordinary tasks usually turn out to produce at least one giggle if not a full scale belly laugh.

Going to Supermaxi for instance. Ordinary trip, right? Well yes and no. Last week’s was ordinary by most standards until it was over. Esposo and I took a rest on the bench outside before getting ready for the return walk home. People watching (great Ecuadorian pastime)….2 nuns, in full habit, on the sidewalk, having completed their purchases in Supermaxi were adjusting their load in preparation for their return walk. First nun, pulls a baseball cap out of her bag and places it squarely on her head on top of her habit. Second nun, produces the frilliest, brightest, wide brimmed straw beach hat I have ever seen and proceeds to follow the example of the first sister.

These black and white, pristine habits in contrast to the hats gave the whole picture a look of little girl dress up! Totally practical but so odd and unexpected. I know better than to leave home without a camera! As they took off on their return walk….giggles were numerous along with the thought of, “Only in Ecuador!”

On another note:  Thank you California Kitchen! The food was fabulous, the drinks were plentiful, the music was just right, and we danced until closing. All in all, a great 4th of July was had by all. Thanks for putting this together. We get fireworks everyday in Cuenca but this was truly a special 4th celebration.

Find at least a giggle today if not a full scale belly laugh. They’re as plentiful in Cuenca as fresh veggies.


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