Deja Vu?

Andean mountain top

This picture of Cotopaxi (above), taken in May this year while I was in Ecuador. Later, in July, we spent time in Seattle  (with my mother, who is very ill) where I spent my youth and took this picture of Mt. Rainier, below. Those of you familiar with Mt. Rainier know that it is rare that the mountain is not hidden by clouds either on the top or all over the bottom slopes….we were privileged to catch the mountain while she was uncovered briefly while we were there this year.

I think I now know why I love the mountains and the Andean slopes so much — they do sometimes remind me of the mountain ranges in the pacific northwest. Here’s 2 fotos of Mt. Rainier, below.

More snow, obviously, on Mt. Rainier (above) than on the Andean slopes…even though they are of similar heights.  And it is very noticeable that the Ecuadorian mountains have a lot less snow than they had on their mountain tops many years ago. Global warming?

The shot below is of the slopes of Cayambe, north of Quito.

And I wish I had a better picture of Rainier’s green slopes to compare….The shot, above, does show Mt Rainier with slopes that you can’t really see, but you can see another mountain in the Cascade mountain range, I think it is Mt Adams. . But I do love the mountains of Ecuador as much as the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. The picture below is of Cotapaxi seen from Quito, looking south.


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