Happy New Year! and don’t forget about those darn Tax Returns


The U.S. government loves to keep its bureaucrats working for their salaries, so of course, the tax code changes just a bit each year. I’ve been very busy getting more than the required continuing education hours under my belt this year so that I can be very knowledgeable about your taxes when you allow me to help you prepare your return.

This year I will be managing an office of 8 tax professionals; we’ve also upgraded our way of helping you do your taxes from your own home. You have your choice:  come into the office to see me; bring your documents into the office ahead of our meeting and leave them with me to get the nuts and bolts done before we meet; start your tax return online and then flip it to me to complete – I’ll flip it back to you to approve online OR we have our new block live: something like online skype. We both sit in front of a computer with an online camera, you ship your documents to me either snail or email and then we discuss and visit as if we are both in the same room. I ship the return back to you via secure site and you approve online. Voila! it goes to the IRS electronically and we have a confirmation within minutes. (During peak times, i.e. the last day of the tax season, it may take more than a few minutes…but I’ll be watching for it.)

Send me a comment if you have any questions, particularly about expats living and working abroad, or just living overseas. The IRS has clarified their rules for expats, their overseas accounts and holdings, and expats working outside the country. I would love to help if any of you need assistance. We’re here to help!

Ann in San Antonio


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