The final year here in Texas…

Hubby and I have decided that 2012 will be our final year in Texas (yes, we will come back occasionally!). Hubby has informed employer bosses that he would like to “retire” at the end of 2012. Plans are underway to hire, train and groom someone to replace him during 2012. So, it’s official, we can’t take it back…can’t change our minds. Not that we would want to! Our children have told us to “follow our dreams”. So, we will.

Currently, I am busy with the 2012 tax season, contacting my clients and informing them that I have moved office as I was asked to manage a different H & R Block office of tax professionals close by. I may like it, or I may hate managing people. We’ll see. 

After the tax season is done, I will enter full swing into getting the house and all our possessions into move out/move away status. I had planned to do this last summer, but my mother was very ill and I spent much time in Seattle until her passing in August. A life passing away in a nice sized condo stuffed with treasures and furniture and silver and clothes collected over an 87 year lifetime prompted me to take a hard look at my own home and possessions. Do I really need this? Will any of my children ever want this? The answer for a few things was yes; the majority elicited the emphatic no answer.

I packed up some treasures and have left them in 2 consignments stores over the holidays. I hope they sell as I don’t really want them back. I have quite a few more boxes with other stuff that will be the basis for a garage sale later this winter before it gets hot. Our son has numerous large furniture items in the garage: these will also be up for sale. And a lot has made their way to the donation kiosks for Goodwill.

We haven’t decided yet if we will rent or sell the house. Any advice from my readers? Both my kids live here; they aren’t married yet. No grandkids. Still, I am nervous about not having a “pied a terre” in the old home state. Or at least somewhere I can keep my photos and treasures, and I would like a nice place to feel at home when I come back. I suppose I just can’t yet wrap my head around a home far away, even though I’ve done it before. I’ve just never done it permanently, without a plan to come back.

After hubby retires next winter, he plans to do 3 things: ride his bicycle every day, become certified as a personal trainer, and do the plastering and painting work on our poor walls that haven’t been painted for over 10 years. Texas has porous soil, and even though we have 20 foot steel piers sunk under our foundation, the walls still shift in odd places. The whole place needs a facelift. Hubby says he’d like to do it. Ok! I’ll do another tax season with H & R Block in early 2013 while he works and plays. I hope he learns how to cook me dinner.

Oh, yes, and our other plan is to spend summer 2013 in France. There! I’ve written and published it. I can’t back out now! Hubby wants to see the Tour de France. THEN I will get to move to Ecuador.



8 responses to “The final year here in Texas…

  1. My offer for a home in Ecuador was accepted a couple of weeks ago…though i will not be able to go full time as soon as you, the purging has begun. Ebay and consignment stores are my friends 🙂

    • How wonderful! where did you choose to buy a home? I tried Ebay, sold a few items there but it was not as easy as a consignment store. They are my friends, too.

  2. Hi there, I’m on my way to Cuenca too, from Fort Worth. I know what you mean about not being sure whether to maintain a place in Texas after the move. I bought a condo near the stadium while I was in Cuenca in Nov. and return to outfit it at the end of this month. However, my house may take 2 years to sell. If I’m lucky and it sells quickly, I’ll probably get an apartment at least for awhile. Hard decision with kids on both coasts to give up our meeting place in the middle. Good luck. Hope to see you soon. LT Murphy

    • Oh, sounds like so much fun! Outfitting the new place! I hope to get to know you when we move there. Alta and hubby spent so much time and had a blast finding beds, furniture, art and decorations for their place & it is just lovely. While I hate to give up all my “treasures” the payback will be when we do finally move there and get to do the same. Good luck and I’ll send positive thoughts your way for selling your house in Ft. Worth.

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  4. Greetings,
    My wife and I currently live in Austin and plan to head to Ecuador for 90 days on a fact finding mission, probably around end of summer. ( I traveled through Latin America for a year in 2002 and was in Cuenca for about 4 months). We have been renting our house out in Florida for the last 4 years, and have been lucky having 2 good tenants over that period. Absentee landlord is a pain in the arse, you never know who you are going to get and the stress of when things go wrong and you can’t be there to keep an eye on your property can be over-wellming. You will need to have a trusty friend who is a good handyman or get it professionally managed. Maybe you can have your kids move in and give them a good deal giving your piece of mind that your house will be takin care of. If we like what we see, and I can convince my wifey to move (again) to a 3rd world country we plan like you having a base back in the US to come home too in case Ecuador collapses or they through out all the gringos : )



  5. Re: rent or sell, price out what it would rent for Vs. what you could sell it for. My rough rule of thumb, if the monthly rent is 1% or more of the sale price (like $1,000 /month for a $100,000 home), then you can probably get a decent return on that money after you’ve paid for PROFESSIONAL property management.

  6. We are considering moving to Cuenca. Wife is a retired Spanish, ESL teacher and is fluent and literate in Espanol. Planning to go to Cuenca for thirty days in Nov., 2013. Any recommendations?

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