Firm date to move is set!

Last time I posted here, I placed an app on the blog to count down the days when hubby and I will be moving to Cuenca. A lot has happened since then, not the least of which is: hubby is winding down work and will have his last day of work as December 31. Yikes! it’s a done deal!

We have scheduled a 19 day cruise through the Panama Canal leaving Ft. Lauderdale on April 19, just after the tax season ends. I have wanted to take this cruise thru the older, smaller locks for years, before they finish the new locks.  Once we return home in May we will have a few short weeks to pack and clean out the last of the household “junk” that won’t be left in the house. Our son has agreed to rent our house from us, which is a relief. We really didn’t want to sell it just yet, due to both the housing market and because we aren’t sure exactly how long our “stay” will be. And this way we can leave a few boxes of treasures that we just can’t bring with us nor can we find it in ourselves to get rid of.  He will take good care of our home until we decide what to do with it.

We have agreed to give Cuenca at least 5 years, and then we’ll re-evaluate our situation, both financial and geographic. Who knows, we may never leave! but my daddy always used to say, have a 1 year plan, and a 5 year plan and a 10 year plan. Well, we’ve got that 1 year plan in stone and the 5 year plan pretty much the same, too, but I can’t see 10 years into the future just yet. Too far. I just hope that we can both adjust to full retirement and not drive each other crazy!

So I’m re-setting my clock to June 1 but that’s the last reset allowed. We’ll see you all in Cuenca no later than June 1. And since the EC government has seen fit to place a visa office right in Cuenca, we are hoping this will make our settling in so much easier since we won’t have to keep traveling to Quito for paperwork. HINT HINT: I would love to hear from anyone who has used this new office, how it went, issues, problems, hints, anything that might help those of us still to get a permanent residence in EC.

P.S. Ann, meanwhile, has moved from one place in Cuenca to another place, can’t wait to see her new digs when I arrive next month.





3 responses to “Firm date to move is set!

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  2. We are getting close as well. Would love to find out your experience with the local immigration office in Cuenca. I went to their website but no where does the Services mention “residency”, just tourist visas. A bit confused . . . But will be following your journey.

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