El Mansion and the New Garden Suites – in Cuenca!


Lunch this week was at El Mansion Restaurant, in their garden. Yes! I am in Cuenca! I’ve been here for 2 1/2 weeks but have been too too busy to post.

We’ve had many fabulous meals, at El Mercado, at El Jardin, at Bananas, and at Ann’s condo in Cuenca. This week we decided to have lunch at El Mansion and we sat in the garden area. Be sure to note the gorgeous big fluorescent green hummingbird in the middle of the picture on the blue/violet flower.

Lunch, as usual, started with a small plate of an amuse bouche with a bit of crab, a bit of fruit and a bit of something green. I ordered the tomato bisque soup and others had ceviche or salads. I was told the Ceviche was ok, but the salad was exquisite. For the main courses, we ordered Sea Bass (it was good) Steak Gorgonzola (excellent) and I forget the others. Mainly, I remember the next amuse bouche which was a small bola of lemon sherbet in a sugared rose petal. Yummy. And the desserts, also were the best. Here’s the steak dish and the amuse bouche.




Lunch was delightful – above picture is of the basil ice cream with chocolate and strawberries…but as a bonus, we strolled through the garden towards the back, where the new garden suites and the new Spa have just been finished. I took a few pictures of one of the Garden Suites, so that you can see the lovely room and bathroom decor. Nice BIG king size bed, too.



Nice bathroom, eh?

As always, the roses in the courtyard were gorgeous in the fountain.


Tomorrow we are going to a resort/hotel in Yunguilla. We’ve never been there, but hubby and I are looking forward to a sunny day at the pool.



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