Casa de mi Abuela in Quito

Our favorite restaurant in Quito is by far la Casa de mi Abuela. This wonderful restaurant was our favorite over 35 years ago when hubby and I were Peace Corps Volunteers and was the best place back then for a really good steak. Mi Abuela is still alive, and still buys Argentinian beef — and ages and grills all of it on site.

La Casa de mi Abuela is a few blocks from both the JW Marriott and the Holiday Inn Express (where we always stay in Quito) 1 & 1/2 short blocks from Avenida Orellana on Juan Leon Meria. Trip Advisor recommends that La Casa de mi Abuela is ranked 19th among 287 listed food establishments in Quito.

Fabiola, the gracious hostess, can always recommend the best of the day but you can’t go wrong with either the Lomo Fino or the fish of the day. A nicely prepared salad, potatoes either al horno or frito, and a bit of rice will accompany your main  course, and a copa de vino if you wish. Prices are very reasonable and the service is impeccable, thanks to Fabiola. She is a veritable font of local lore, both historical as well as informational and can make your meal most enjoyable, especially if you haven’t been able to find out much about Quito.

Today, hubby is off to experience the “teleferico” gondola up Pichincha, complete with camera and binoculars for a fabulous view of Quito and the valle.  As I detest heights and especially mountain trams, I am off for a sedate visit to QuiCentro mall and some last-minute shopping. I believe there is some jewelry with my name on it.

Later, we are going back this afternoon as Fabiola has promised to make us a lunch of “platos typicos” of the Andean homes, complete with Choclo con queso, hubby’s favorite. No it’s not on the menu at La Casa de mi Abuela, but I bet it will be just as tasty as the Lomo Fino.




5 responses to “Casa de mi Abuela in Quito

  1. Hi ladies. I am enjoying reading your posts. My husband and I live in San Antonio, are returned PCV’s and are considering retiring soon to latin america. Are you going to sell the house in SA, buy or rent in Ecuador? How much money do your really feel is needed per m month to have the lifestyle you are living (eating out some, shopping some etc.) Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    Criste and Stephen Tonra (

    • Hi! to answer your question, we are going to rent our house out initially, to our son and a couple of friends. The selling market should get better in a few years, or else we’ll just leave it as a rental. As for how much is needed in Ecuador it really depends on your lifestyle. Rents can be anywhere from $300 for a basic, unfurnished place up to over $1000 or more a month for a nicer, furnished place. Utilities (water, gas, electric) are inexpensive, except for Direct TV and Internet, which are comparable to here, I am told. Food, if you cook, is very cheap. Eating out can be cheap (almuerzos for $2.00) but more expensive at the nicer places, $10 to $20 each. I would expect that 2 people could live well on $2000 monthly, mas o menos! But of course, it all depends on what you buy. Liquor is expensive but medical care and RX generic drugs are not. Fresh fruit and vegetables are cheap (big artichokes for $.25 each) but boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese are over $2.50 a box; Campbell’s tomato soup is $1.85 a can. Maybe some of my readers who are already living in Ecuador can chime in with some help?

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  3. We lived in Quito for a few years in the 80’s and La Casa de mi Abuela was by far our favorite restaurant then. Can’t beat the lomo fina. It’s great that it’s still great. We’re moving back to EC in less than a year (starting in Cuenca) but can’t wait to visit Quito and La Casa. Maybe we’ll meet you there.
    Rick and Barb

    • Rick and Barb, so glad that you also like La Casa de mi Abuela! Hubby and I look forward to seeing you in Cuenca next year. Our plans are to be in Cuenca June 1, 2013. Say Hi to Fabiola when you get to Quito!

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