Apostilling documents…mystery solved. Boy do I feel dumb.

Hubby and I have been anguishing over the “apostilling” process  ever since we discovered this requirement for residency. We finally figured out that this process must be “apostilled” by each state where the document originates (and yes, Ann had told me that was so, but stubborn me, it didn’t make sense in my hard head, sooooo – you were right, honey! and yes, I am a stubborn dummy sometimes but don’t tell my hubby, ok?)

Here is what we have: marriage certificate from Washington State, birth certificates from Tennessee and Arizona. OK. Sunday, I ordered them online on each state’s website to be mailed to me figuring that it would take a week or 2, maybe more, to receive them and then I’d figure out the “apostilling” bit later. Note: Washington state must be broke. They were 3 times more expensive than the others.

Yesterday, I received the 2 birth certs and the marriage license had already been received on Tuesday. When the marriage cert came on Tuesday, I decided to google “how to apostille a marriage certificate from Washington state”. My oh my, I do love Google. Today their stock took a dive but I sure hope it doesn’t do any permanent damage to their system.

For those who want to know, once I googled each state’s info on Apostilling a document, it turns out that WA and AZ require the use of their Adobe Acrobat form that you complete, print and then mail with your check and the document to be apostilled. Tennessee seems to be a bit less bureaucratic, all you do is write them a letter detailing who you are, what country requires the apostille and send a check for $2 with the document and a self-addressed envelope for the form to be returned to you. AZ charge s$3 but WA wants $15 for the “apostille stamp” or whatever they do to it.

OR you can use these handy dandy “Apostille Services” where you send your docs and money to them and they will do it all for you: http://www.expressapostilledocumentservices.com/  or  http://www.apostilla.com/apostille-services-in-the-united-states-fast-and-easy?_kk=apostille%20service&_kt=50e16138-e391-4c79-bf41-7d8fd6a2fd83&gclid=CMvikuzRi7MCFUWnPAodzDIAhw

Using these services might be a bit more expensive, I think I saw $45 per document on one of the sites.

I don’t know why I didn’t think about googling this tiny but muy importante detail ages ago, I google everybody and everything under the sun all the time. It’s my favorite thing to do if I need a quick answer (or are searching for long lost friends). No, Google did NOT pay me to say that, either.

So I do feel rather silly since I could have just googled the whole thing a long time ago, or believed everybody who told me this! Live and learn, eh?

BIG garage sale this Saturday. What doesn’t sell out of the stuff that I’ve culled and put in the garage over the last couple of weeks, will go to Goodwill. Including my son’s furniture and boxes and golf clubs that have been in the garage for years. My daughter asked if she could have our waffle maker yesterday and I replied Sure!! and then could NOT find it. I think I already donated that thing to somebody, can’t remember.  And hubby is constantly surprised at all the stuff I am tossing – he’s actually starting to toss a few of HIS things now. Wonders never cease.

We’re getting closer to the June 1 Moving Date~


2 responses to “Apostilling documents…mystery solved. Boy do I feel dumb.

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  2. Now, I hope you are not too early in getting those docs Apostilled. My attorney in Ecuador told me to make sure I get them just before I come. I know the police report can’t be older than 30 days, and I think the Marriage Certificate is also time sensitive. Might want to do some research before the trip to make sure. As I understand it, once the docs are received and in the system, they cease to age, no matter how long the process takes.
    Good Luck

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