New Year’s Resolutions…& stuff to sell

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I figure, if you can’t discipline yourself all year, why bother to try, only because it’s a new calendar. I don’t smoke, gamble, cheat on my hubby  or my taxes nor do I drink much; I don’t do illegal drugs and I’m usually frugal with money and possessions.

Having said that, I have been known to be somewhat of a hoarder. I say “somewhat” because I always save “things”. I know I will most probably use the item at some point. And I like to buy things on sale and with coupons. Also, I really hate paying full price for anything except maybe groceries or wine. I’m not cheap, but I’m good at comparison shopping and I’m great at spotting a bargain. So I tend to “stock up” on “things”. This is not good if one is trying to get rid of things.Image

My New Year’s resolution for 2013 is this: I will not purchase any more shoes, makeup, shampoos or conditioners; spices, boxed or canned groceries (unless I am going to eat them immediately); wine, liquor; or ANYTHING at all for the ‘house’ unless it’s a required cleaning item or soap. We have enough of all of the above to last us more than 5 months, and we do need to clear out (read: use) all this stuff. Last fall, I got rid of lots of stuff, furniture and junk, but am realizing that I only touched on the tip of the ice burg. 

I published my resolution, you’ve all read it, so it’s official. If any of my friends see/hear of me buying any of the above, Please Stop Me!

Those of you who are reading this know that hubby and I will be leaving Texas for good and moving south to Cuenca. This will be the first move since I left to spend a year of college in France with 2 suitcases that I am being forced to truly cull possessions and get rid of everything. Even when I left to be a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador after graduation, I left many of my possessions with my parents in the closet of my old bedroom. This time around, our collectibles from the last 40 years: 36 years of marriage, 2 children’s lives growing up, a number of careers of both hubby and me, are going the way of either Goodwill or the dustbin. We have 5 months left, and this is forcing me to become hard and much less nostalgic than ever with regard to possessions.Image

Our last Christmas in this house, done.  I’m donating the Christmas tree and whatever decorations that have not already been thrown away or donated. Things that belonged to my parents, that they collected for many years; sold, on consignment or donated. Image

Hubby hasn’t started this ‘culling’ process yet.  Next Thursday is his last day of work and as he is not like me, he LOVES to throw things away, much to my consternation… and is really looking forward to the whole process of dumping stuff. I don’t believe that he realizes yet the amount of stuff that I am boxing up to ship to myself in Cuenca, once we have our residency.Image

The tax office is getting ready to open January 7th, just as hubby’s first week of retirement begins. The tax season will be less than 14 weeks this year, and I’m sure those weeks will fly by…and we will be off on the cruise and then ready to fly south permanently.

I better get busy on those closets and drawers. P.S. anybody want to make an offer on any of these “collectibles” that I am trying to sell? I’ve got lots more!

Happy New Year!




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