Easter Sunday….2 months left to go….

Easter Sunday today. Hubby is off on his long awaited bicycling trip on the Natchez Trace. He and our son are driving to Mississippi today, bicycling will start maybe tomorrow. I am home, but not really alone – I’ve got Coco and our son’s dog Lucky for company. I cleaned the bathrooms this morning….and next on the agenda is cleaning the floors. Dog hair dust bunnies are not too bad but since the house is on the market, I feel like we need to be squeeky clean. Or at least look like it! Here’s a link to our listing:  


Only 2 more weeks in the tax season, then I’ll shut down the office and we’re off on the cruise for 2 1/2 weeks. I’m beginning the panic mode…I know I still have too much stuff in the house that will have to go, it won’t all fit in the suitcases, but I’m just paralyzed with the knowledge that I really don’t know what to do with all the rest of this stuff. A garage sale? of course. But when? Donate? we have donated untold quantities of stuff and will continue to do so. I must admit, I’m kinda tired of the process at this point. I’d rather just pack my clothes and toilet articles and treasured things and just go! 

We need all of your prayers and positive thoughts that the house will sell, and soon. And for a good price. Please?

Happy Easter to all and God Bless!



4 responses to “Easter Sunday….2 months left to go….

  1. Our house is in escrow so we just finished going through what you are in the middle of doing. I panicked a few times but it passed and it will for you too. I expect to have more episodes before the big move. Almost everything we own is now in boxes in the garage and our house has no furniture except for a mattress on the floor. Hope your house sells quickly and for a good price! The cruise should be wonderful. Keep your eye on the prize!

    • So jealous! you are past the biggest stuff….house sold, all in boxes. We haven’t boxed up or gotten rid of everything yet, cuz the house should look ‘furnished’ at least a bit. We hope it will sell soon, preferably while we are on the cruise! When are you moving?

      • One thing that we did was “sold” some of our furniture to friends but told them they couldn’t pick it up until we were in escrow. Most of them put down 50% then paid the rest upon receipt. Maybe you could do something similar? We don’t yet have a firm date for the move – will be buying tickets soon. Before we move, we’ll be driving from CA to MN to give a bunch of our small stuff to family members. Then we will drive to FL to spend time with our daughter’s family. I expect us to arrive in EC sometime in June or July so you will beat us there. Look forward to meeting you there sometime!

      • Great idea! most of our furniture is going to our ‘kids’ who are in their 30’s, except for 2 or 3 pieces. But I think I will try to ‘escrow’ those few pieces like you mentioned. Thanks for the idea, and yes, I look forward to meeting you! stay safe on the road, that’s a lot of driving you’ll be doing. Happy Trails!

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