Getting closer to Move day

The countdown is getting smaller. Our house has been on the market now for about a month. We are on a 19 day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, through the Panama Canal, to San Diego and wouldn’t you just know it! we had an offer, a good one, on Saturday. It’s now Monday, we were too cheap to buy the incredibly expensive internet pacakge on board the ship, and we knew we’d get free WiFi at a Starbucks at our fist port of call, Curacao. I’t now about 10 a.m. and I’m trying to get our real estate agent to respond to email (since our fones don’t work here, we were also too cheap to buy another incredibly expensive international phone package). The boat is in the port until Midnight tonight, so if we have to sit here at Starbucks all day, we will! we didn’t really want to shop, anyway. 

We both brought 3 suitcases each, 2 small and 1 large, onto the ship and I have now a much clearer idea of what I will be able to cram into my 4 suitcases that I will be bringing to Ecuador. All that stuff I left behind, hanging in the closet, this trip, has got to go. It seems as if I didn’t even make a dent in my closet; too much stuff left in there! And it won’t all fit in just one large suitcase. Guess there will be more stuff left in the storage closet, to ship later. If I don’t throw it all out.

We succeeded in selling off (or giving away) most of our furniture, we sold our mid century Danish modern dresser on Wednesday before we left. Our bedroom looks really bare; nothing on the walls and only the bed and 2 bedside tables are there. Dan unloaded most of the tools and yard stuff in the garage; when we get back from this cruise, we will have a major garage sale to unload everything.

Before we left, we sent our documents off to the 3 different states to be aspostilled; we set up banking service – we will be able to wire money, no charge, from Chase bank; I sent of my Canadian certificate with pics to obtain my passport from Canada (dual citizenship); we paid off all our bills for the month of May, cleaned out the fridge except for the stuff our kids want; our daughter came to get the patio furniture, and we tried to farm out our precious pooch, Coco. Not sure yet where she will end up; our son was going to take her, but he has a dog and his roomie has a dog – they can only have 2 in their apartment. He agreed to take Coco for the time we are on our cruise but we are trying to find a permanent home for her. My poor Coco! I will miss her but we think it would be too difficult to try to bring her down with us. 



4 responses to “Getting closer to Move day

  1. How could you leave that poor sad-eyed creature! It won’t be easy, but when we move we’ll be taking not only a dog but four cats as well.

    • well, honestly, I don’t but hubby says no, he won’t go along with it. How are you planning on bringing all the animals? are you shipping them? Can you tell me how you are accomplishing this? thanks!

  2. I realize the difficulty in leaving a beloved pet behind, but I have to agree with Dan. I think it best to find a good, caring home for Coco. Sometimes I question the folks that subjugate their pets to being caged and shipped in a cargo hold. It is very stressful to the animal. Sounds as if you are having second thoughts, but I think it best to find a caring person to look over Coco.
    I’m at 40 days also, June 1 , right around the corner.
    Stay Well,

  3. I agree, Neil, I really don’t want to ship Coco. She’s small enough that she would fit in under the seat in a carrier, I’ve sized them. She fits in, just, but doesn’t really like it. We have first class seats, so that would not be a problem, the problem would be getting her to Cuenca from Quito, and then we are staying in a friend’s place and I don’t want to have a dog there. We’d be really stuck to her while there, couldn’t leave her, would have to take her everywhere or else she might panic and do some damage. Our son is trying to find a place for one of their other dogs, a sweet mix breed so then he can keep her. I am confident that something will come up and we’ll find a home for her.

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