Our house is put under contract….while going thru the Panama Canal!

The purchase contract came in, necessitating a bit of back and forth, on the day we were traversing the Canal. Safe to say that I will never forget the details of the Canal, nor the details of the sale of this house. We are still dikkering back and forth over little details, like the roof repairs (!!) that we didn’t know that we needed. 

Today, we are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I am spending my time at a local Starbucks while Hubby, the athlete, goes off on a tour that is listed as ‘only for very active persons’. He was desperate to get away from the walkers and wheelchairs on the boat. We’ve done a few snorkelling adventures which takes a bit of energy, and there were no wheelchairs nor walkers, but I think he is missing that rise in heartrate he gets at home, on the bicycle. Even though he spends 3 hours every day, almost, at the ship’s gym. His tour includes a zip line and a hike up a mountainside, so I demurred. Today, I am also going to do a bit of shopping, which he hates, too. It’s a good tradeoff. I’m hoping to skype with our daughter at noon.

The house is slated to close on May 31, less than 4 weeks away. As soon as we get home, we will have to sell all, dump all, seriously this time. Hubby has more stuff to dump than I have, and I suspect he will fill the garbage cans numerous times. And make many trips to Goodwill. We will be home on Tuesday May 7, late, and are planning a garage sale (or estate sale, whichever will sell more stuff) on Saturday the 11th. We need to sell a couch, a kitchen island table, a fridge, a large older but very nice TV, a Mexican pine end table, used as a printer table, and 2 buffets: one an antique and one Mexican pine. Also need to do something with a round antique accent table with small wheels that my mother said was an antique 50 years ago. Everything else, except for my good Dansk china and silverplate flatware, including lots of kitchen and garage stuff, all has to go.  I  better put a few things on Craig’s list! Wish us luck and a few dollars to spend in EC.

Our room service waiter bringing tea the morning of the Canal traverse….this is the life:


I was surprised to realize that the Canal is really very low tech, but then it is almost 100 years old. Hydraulic doors open and close, water enters/leaves using gravity, the boat is pulled along by a group of 4 small but strong locomotives.

Panama Canal Dan @ Gatun lock (62)

Panama Canal Dan @ Gatun lock (60)Panama Canal Dan @ Gatun lock (66)


Leaving Panama City, I found my dreamboat:


Instead, we went down a river in Costa Rica, looking for crocodiles. We saw a few, lazing in the water, and a beautiful blue heron but I can’t find the picture of it,  so here’s a pic of one of the crocs we saw:

Huatulco 2013 (39)

Later, coming into Huatulco, the next stop for snorkeling…



5 responses to “Our house is put under contract….while going thru the Panama Canal!

  1. FWIW, I’ve had really bad luck with Craig’s List. Seems like all the scum lurks there. Be careful

    • Actually, I’ve had good luck on Craig’s list, and also Ebay. I sold a car, cash, and also a mobile phone on Craigs list before. Of course it is important to be careful there, and I always met the buyer somewhere else with another person there with me.

  2. Hello. I’d been following your blog for a while and just recently got caught “up.” Looks like today is the day you’re scheduled to be back and finishing up loose ends…as much as possible, anyway. Best of luck to you.

    I’m also in San Antonio, TX, and thinking of doing some traveling to Ecuador. Have subscribed to your blog to keep better up to date.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.



    • Hope your ‘thinking of traveling to Ecuador’ turns into the real thing. Of course, we are prejudiced and love going there. Today someone is coming to look at our couch, hopefully will take it, and I cleaned out our ‘party fridge’ in the laundry room as someone IS coming to buy it this week. Still have lots and lots of loose ends and stuff we need to toss, it’s a huge job. All our other moves, we just packed it all up one day, moved it, and then unpacked later. One move, they even packed up our garbage in the garbage/trash bags in all the rooms and moved it too! Not this time!

  3. i just wanted to make a quick comment to say i’m glad i found your blog. thanks. bbom bbom bbom bbom bbom

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