House is sold, and under contract! we hope it goes through smoothly, now….

Hooray! the buyers accepted our counter offer, then they forwarded an amendment requesting a ‘replaced’ roof after the inspection found what he called “significant damage and wear and tear”. We called our insurance agent, and then called a roofer. Both of them, separately, reported that we had minimal wind damage from a recent thunderstorm but repairs should only cost about a few hundred dollars; nothing necessitating a completely new roof. We stuck to our guns and didn’t agree to the wording ‘replacement’ in the amendment, and they finally agreed today to ‘repair’ wording! We are supposed to close about the end of the month, around the 30th of May. We have tickets to fly out on June 1 so we may be staying in a hotel for a couple of days before flying out.

Since getting back from the cruise on Tuesday, we’ve sold: a hide-a-bed couch, a buffet with matching side table (all paid for and picked up!) and our extra fridge (will be picked up Monday). Our kids have come by and begun to clean us out, thankfully, of stuff that we need to do something with, and promise to get more this weekend.

Today, we went to the San Antonio police department to get our police reports. I had read recently that Ecuador may also be requesting an FBI report for the visa application, so, we decided to go ahead and get fingerprints and send them off to the FBI for their report. Once we obtained the local police letter, we read that it says “this letter was made without checking fingerprints, and may not be accurate in other cities and the state” or something to that effect. !!??? Well, I figured, if Ecuador Visa department read that, it would mean nothing. No wonder they also want an FBI report. So, we came home and made an appointment on Monday with a state agency which will give us a state criminal report on each of us, based on fingerprints, that will verify we have no record of criminal activity in Texas. Next, I mailed off the fingerprints and the FBI requests for criminal reports on us. Once we get both the FBI and the state reports, we’ll drive up to Austin and get them apostilled. Hope they docs make it to us in time. We still haven’t received hubby’s birth certificate apostilled from Arizona, yet, but we have received the marriage certificate from Washington state and my birth certificate from yet a 3rd state, both apostilled.

I seem to have caught a nasty virus/cold on the way home from our cruise. I can’t imagine how I could have caught anything, the cruise was relatively stress free and we ate wonderful, fresh, healthy food…well ok, a few chocolate desserts, and there was a lot of wine, but anyway.  Then there was Creme Brulet, 3 ways, creme, chocolate and cafe. I prefered the creme, but I ate them all.Image

Once I am feeling more up to snuff, the next plan is to take everything OUT of the closets and out of all the drawers and either throw it away, put it in the garage for the garage sale, or pack it. If it’s sitting on the floor staring at us, and we can’t put it away anywhere, it will go away. Permanently!

That’s going to happen next week.


5 responses to “House is sold, and under contract! we hope it goes through smoothly, now….

  1. Ohhhhhh I wish we were in your place right now. Our journey to Ecuador is still so in the “idea” stage, at least for my husband and we have started nothing. Do hope that we can visit In January 2015. I so envy you right now. Hope no last minute hitches.

    • Regarding the apostilling, it is possible to mail them but then you have to wait for them to mail them back. We’re still waiting, a month later, for the one from Arizona. So, we decided that in the absence of time, we’ll just go up to the secretary of state office in Austin and get them all done at once. It is interesting that each state “apostilles” differently. I hope Ecuador accepts them all!

  2. Hello Ann,

    And thanks for your reply to my comment to your previous post. Looks like you all are tackling the tasks that need to be tackled.

    Interesting about the FBI vs. the Police report. And does one really have to go to Austin to get the documents apostilled (sp?) Or did you just want to do it in person to be sure?

    I appreciate the details you give as to how you clear certain hurdles, such as “repairing” rather than “replacing” the roof. Big difference. I’ll remember such when I attempt to sell my “digs.”

    Thanks again for your updates, etc.and hope you recover soon from the “bug.”


  3. I was researching Ecuador and I found your site… thought it was very interesting. I too live in Texas (Harlingen) and found that traveling to Ecuador and Costa Rica cost almost as much as flying to Seattle. I loved Mexico and used to travel a lot there… especially to a place called El Cielo. I too was married in Washington (Yakima) and am from Seattle. I will be retiring soon and want to do some traveling. Good Luck… Sounds like a great adventure.

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