It’s down to the wire…just a week or so left….

Our house closing is next Wednesday, so we have to have everything cleaned out of here no later than Wednesday morning. Our son was supposed to come by today to help load up the furniture & boxes of stuff that he wants; our daughter has a truck scheduled for next Monday to load up the furniture that she wants. She’s already gotten her boxes of stuff. Son isn’t here yet….hope he manages to find a bit of time to get this stuff or hubby will donate it all to Goodwill!

I’ve been saying all along that it’s a process: 4 or 5 boxes of stuff a day, either to the storage closet, packed for one of the kids, or to Goodwill. I’ve been meandering along on this for the last 2 months….this week, hubby has finally gotten the bug…and gotten panicky. He’s decided that he will NOT take his treasured bicycle, as he needs that 4th suitcase for all our stuff we need to take: clothes, kitchen knives, shoes, etc. You know, the important stuff. I have to note that this has given me a sigh of relief since now I won’t be worrying about him pedaling along on the road with crazy Ecuadorian drivers. However, he will be leaving it in our storage closet, and plans to take it with him on our next trip back to Texas, which is planned for next March.

Here’s the pile of boxes and trunk that are packed for my son. This is about half of what we’ve packed for him (that he said he wants), plus 2 bookshelves, a square coffee table, a chair and ottoman and a 3 shelf glassed display case. I’ve got more boxes in the kitchen and in the buffet, just waiting for him to come get them. Of course we’ll help load up our borrowed SUV, and our car, and his car, but he has to coordinate deliver. Pray this happens soon. He works all weekend.Image

We were very lucky to get a really good price on the BMW z4. I posted it on Craig’s list; a salesman from an Austin dealership contacted me and wanted to know the details. This week, we went up to Austin to get our documents apostilled; while there, we ran by the dealership. They offered us only $500 less than we were asking, and we don’t have to pay any tax or transfer title. Made it really simple. Yay! so we rented a car for the next week and a half – which works out better anyway. Can’t haul too many boxes in a Z4 – at least we have a 4 door with a nice big trunk. 

We are both having trouble getting to sleep at night; too much on our minds, too much that we need to remember to do. I had a dentist appointment today – it completely slipped my mind and I forgot to go. It’s just a cleaning, and covered under insurance so I had no excuse. Luckily, they can fit me in tomorrow morning.

Today I’m working on cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.  Most of the dishes have already been packed and we are enjoying paper plates, plastic cups and forks.  Now if I can just get all the old food in the kitchen and the fridge and the cupboards to fit into the garbage bin, I’ll be happy. At least all the closets are cleaned out!


And here’s my pile of papers and whatnot that I just can’t get motivated to organize….



One response to “It’s down to the wire…just a week or so left….

  1. Ohhhhh! To be in your shoes right now…..I envy you! Prayers for a smooth closing on your house.

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