Tomorrow will be our last full day as

Tomorrow will be our last full day as residents of San Antonio. Our flight leaves Saturday morning, for Houston, and then on to Quito. I think we are more than ready!

We had planned to take 8 suitcases: 4 each. Check 3 each and then we both carry one on the plane (and of course that ubiquitous “personal item”). I even bought a huge hobo bag for my ‘personal item’ but we couldn’t fit everything and the kitchen spoons and knives in ‘only’ 8 bags. So, we decided, what the hay, we’ll just buy another suitcase and pay the extra to check another bag; it’s cheaper than buying new stuff or shipping it later. Hallelujah! it all fits in. And hubby only had to take 1 more box of stuff to the storage closet.

We are staying at our daughter’s house. She has a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with plenty of room for us but the 9 suitcases are a bit much for her spare bedroom and I am sorry to say we are seriously cramping her style. She is used to her own space and her own life – but I also think that both she and our son are going through a grieving process since we are ‘leaving’. We have always been a very close family but both of them are in their 30’s and should be just fine without us meddling in their lives! Of course we are all going to miss each other tremendously but with Skype, Magic Jack and Facebook and email and text, the only thing we won’t have is the physical connection. Which I will miss. I’m hoping that I don’t start crying when we leave because then my daughter for sure will cry and I don’t want her to be sad. She likes to go places, too! and is already planning to come visit us for Christmas.

So, we are homeless, carless, and our entire lives fit into 9 suitcases, 2 ‘personal items’, and about half of a 5x5x12 storage unit. It would feel nice except that when I am in one of my kids homes, I see all my old stuff…I’m kind of hoping they get tired of all these ‘old things’ and will feel free to toss or donate. Then we can all feel lighter.

My next post will be from Cuenca, if all goes well (ojala!), applying for residency and becoming a legal resident of Ecuador! Buen Viaje to me and hubby!




5 responses to “Tomorrow will be our last full day as

  1. What became of your pooch?

  2. Our daughter wanted to keep her. She has an older dog who used to be quite territorial and didn’t like other dogs. She’s old, on lots of phenobarbitol for seizures and seems to be accepting Coco. We’ve seen a few growls, a few nips, but Coco runs away, so I think the pecking order has been set and they’ll get along just fine. Thanks for asking!

    • Glad to hear that. I’m already concerned about moving two of our three cats. The two older ones did NOT take the move from St Croix very well at all.
      Depending on how the house sale goes, we might be moving south this year yet. We’re looking around La Union in Yunguilla. Presently live just north of Richmond, TX
      Good luck in your move.

  3. We are right behind you! Hubby and I are now homeless (sold our CA home), driving across the country with our four foot lockers, several suit cases and waiting for the FBI to complete our background checks. Our daughter’s family lives in FL so we will be leaving from Miami as soon as the FBI & Sec of State gets our docs to us. Should be a couple of weeks. Congratulations and I hope we meet someday in EC!

  4. Congrats to you! If all had gone as planned we would have been living in Ecuador Nov. 2012 However, the sale of one house did not go through the other house we are preparing to rent. Looks like we will soon be your neighbors by Sept.2013 Still pushing forward and almost homeless. Enjoy! Jvonna & Guy

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