First breakfast as ‘residents’ in Cuenca

We are off this morning to our favorite breakfast place, Bananas. Here’s what I plan to have to eat for breakfast:

ImageNext, we are off to the bank to divest myself of the cash that I am carrying in my neck money pouch…and then to Mall del Rio to buy a landline type phone to attach to my Magic Jack. 

I was able to transfer my old cell number to the new magic Jack that we will use here in Ecuador, but you have to have a physical phone with a phone plug-in to use with the computer and MJ.

We unpacked all our suitcases last night and repacked about half with stuff that we won’t need for the next month or so, unitl we find a permanent place. 

More later!


3 responses to “First breakfast as ‘residents’ in Cuenca

  1. Bienvenidos, how did you travel from Quito to Cuenca?

  2. You must be very excited to be there! I was telling my husband about your move. I hope to do the same sooon. Just came back from Salinas. Love it there!

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