The New Bananas in the Old Kookabura

Bananas, in their new place, where Kookabura Restaurant used to be on Calle Larga near Benigno Mallo, is just the same as ever. Here’s a photo of the front of the cafe:

Cuenca Parque & Bananas (3)Breakfast is just the same good eats. We love the freshly made hashbrowns and eggs and crispy bacon. I’ve never had the oatmeal but others say it’s good, too. Here’s what I had, after a few bites:

Cuenca Parque & Bananas (8)After, we went walking in the new Parque de la Madre and enjoyed watching all the people enjoying the park and all the new equipment. I especially enjoyed watching 2 young boys on the short zip line. They were having so much fun! Two security cops were staying close by, maybe to make sure that the boys didn’t get hurt. When the boys tired of it and went off, the coppers wandered away, too.

Cuenca Parque & Bananas (18)The boy is seated on what looks like a swing seat;  h took off from the building to the right and zipped towards the left of the picture. Do you think they let adults do the zip line too?


3 responses to “The New Bananas in the Old Kookabura

  1. I had the same breakfast as the first one you posted, yesterday. Waaaay too much for me. I saw on the chalk board they had a daily special of 2 cakes, 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon for I think 2 bucks. Another gringo ordered it and it looked pretty good. Think I’ll try that next time.

    • We were there also, yesterday…probably saw each other and didn’t know who we were! we are that fabulously young looking couple LOL! who sat in the middle against the wall. Hubby hasn’t cut his hair since September. He’s waiting to see how long it can get until it really bugs him.

  2. 2 eggs 2 cakes 2 bacon w/ café try $7!

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