We found an apartment in Cuenca that we love!

Hubby and I looked at so many places that just didn’t ‘do it’ for me. Each one had something we liked, but each one had something we didn’t like. One place had a nice kitchen, a lovely tiled patio, but small rooms, and no view. Another was perfectly sized, nice view, but I couldn’t get over the smell of mold in the property when I arrived, and it didn’t get any better as I walked around. A few furnished places had old furniture, saggy beds, or were crammed with knicknacks that I would have to store somewhere, or were just not my style. We did see a nice one, but it was only on the second floor, no patio, and the view of the dirt parking lot wasn’t exciting.

When I walked into the door of this apartment, here’s the view that I saw across the living room and dining room and out the balcony:


I think I was already sold. The big kitchen with lots of storage (and room to install a dishwasher) along with roomy bedrooms & closet space (and an extra one for an office) were frosting on the cake.

We spent quite a bit of time with our new ‘duena’ who, along with her parents and uncle, were cleaning and fixing up the property to our satisfaction. She gave us the keys and the garage remotes as we left, and invited us to come to her house (about 20 minutes outside of town) soon to visit. She seemed very glad that we planned to stay; the last tenant, she related to us, stayed for 3 months, didn’t pay his bills and up and left. We met the building administrator and the building ‘super’ who welcomed us to the building. Monday we will go by the administrator’s office to ‘officially’ get set up for entry, he needs to see documents, etc.

Here’s the color scheme to the apartment, as evidenced by the floor tile and tile accents:ImageThis pattern is in all the rooms except one bath that has black tile on the floor. Hmm. Grey/Blue with rust accents? Or rust with grey or blue accents?  Can’t decide.

We left with our agent who had just made copies of the lease agreement and everyone’s identification and signatures; she will file the document with the authorities which will make the lease all nice and legal. Next she took us to Banco Pichincha where she helped us get an account set up. We had tried at another Banco Pichincha earlier this week, but were told that we needed an ‘introduction’ of someone with an account at BP and she has an account.

Tomorrow, we go shopping for furniture and ‘domesti-electricos’! and china! and towels! and everything else!

The silver lining to all that purging and 2 years of No Retail Therapy:  Shopping, here I come!


13 responses to “We found an apartment in Cuenca that we love!

  1. Wow, Hello,
    This sounds great 🙂
    Could it be possible to have the contact details from your agent?
    Muchas Gracias

  2. Awesome, what area is that in? We liked the Tres Puentes and the area by the Mall del Rio. Can’t wait till December when we can start looking for our own place. Right now I’m struggling with finding an affordable temporary apartment for mid-Dec for a month. 😉

    • The condo is in the Ordonez Laso/Avenida de los Americas area. We liked it because it’s walking distance to Supermaxi, where I get my hair done, a number of panaderias and restaurants, and close to the Rio Tomebamba for strolls. Also, the bus line #1 goes right by, directly to downtown and also direct to a bus connection to take hubby to his favorite gym up at Turi (also to Mall del Rio). Our agent is Susanna Ochoa, telefono 099 975 13 13 and her website is OVCuenca.com — it’s all in spanish but you can translate it.

      • Susanna’s son took us around shopping today, and saved us a bundle with helping us find the best prices for what we wanted. I recommend both Susanna and Juan for all your rental and purchase needs…or for buying a property, too.

  3. Beautiful view and love the flooring. My husband and I have our non-refundable plane tickets out of Miami for Cuenca Oct. 4th we will be doing all this and look so forward to it. Congrats to you! Jvonna

  4. Hanging on your every word here in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada as you go through the process that we will follow in early November. Thanks a million for all your considered deets! We’re also in the process of unloading all of our furni. and I’m looking foward to finding our terraced home with a similar view, stunning kitchen with 3 ample bedrooms.

    • I’m sure you will have lots of fun getting rid of stuff…and buying new! We went shopping today, bought a washer, dryer, microwave, fridge and also looked at lots of furniture. We decided on a dining room and living room set, each, now we just have to go back and buy them. We had to look around first. We bought a king size and a queen size bed from a Gringa whose visa was not approved and is moving on to another place. Snagged some plastic ware for leftovers and a set of pots and pans, too. All we have to find now is tv’s, bedding, plates and cups, and maybe a lamp or 2. Even hubby is enjoying buying stuff, and he usually hates shopping.

  5. Dear 2texasgals
    Could you please let us know what you had to provide to banco Pichincha to open a bank account. They told us by enmail, we would need an utility bill (if we stay in a hotel we will not have one).
    Muchas Gracias

  6. Prin, our agent, Susanna Ochoa, took us to see a banker at the Banco Pichincha on Avenida de los Americas, and he used our passports and our new address. Since we didn’t have a cedula nor a utility bill, our agent signed a paper saying that she knew us, sort of a reference notice. Many agents and many ‘facilitators’ will help with this. Or anyone who has an account there. Just be sure to go to the banker in the first cubicle at Ave. de los Americas if you are banking less than $50,000. Over that amount, you must go to the Banco Pichincha on Solano, ask for Omar.

  7. Thank you very much.

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