Shopping & More Shopping

Busy day yesterday.  First we found an ad on Gringo Tree posted by someone whose visa was declined, and they were selling everything — beds, desks, pots and pans, tvs, etc. We bought both their king and queen beds and mattresses as well as the pots and lids and some tupperware style food keepers. Hubby is over there now with a man and a truck to dissassemble and get the beds over to our new place. If the desk is not yet sold, he may buy that, too.

Next we went shopping for ‘electro-domesticos’ aka washer/dryer/fridge/microwave. We found great bargains at Comercio Salvador Pacheco Mora. They will deliver all and install all on Monday afternoon.

We also spent time looking at a number of furniture stores but we found what we like at Colineal, the store up near Turi. We found a dining room set, a sectional couch, a coffee table and and end table that all look fab together and are very comfortable. I’ll post pics once we settle on pricing. We also found really cute chairs that could double as desk chairs and short bar stools, since the kitchen has a small breakfast bar. They resemble John Deere seats, but are painted in black lacquer..,, for some reason they really appealed to me!

Here’s the sectional I would love to have:


We also made a few other stops to search for a HEPA type air purifier. Everyone said Kywie would have it. They normally do carry one, but they were out and even sent someone to another location to see if they had one, but no go. I really miss my air purifier that I had at home; I sleep so much better with it. It’s in the boxes to be shipped to us when we get our visas but that will be 2 months or so.  We plan to go back to Kywie this week as they seem to have great prices & selection on bath caddies, rubber bath nonslip matts, hangers, space heaters, etc. and we will need all. We’ll need sheets and towels, too.

I think it’s going to be a shopping weekend, too….


One response to “Shopping & More Shopping

  1. Very nice sectional couch, muy bonita.
    Thank you for the details.

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