Don Colon’s Friday Fish Special

Hubby and I have found a new Friday night date night venue:  Don Colon’s Restaurant, located in the Hotel Coronel on Mariano Cueva  (9-42, just off of Bolivar) in Cuenca. We have been there for the last 4 Friday’s, and the fish and chips (well, really, fresh potato fries) are great. The plate includes a nice coleslaw, not too wet, and is $5.95. A bargain! They also bring you a dish of tasty and fresh garlic toast while you are waiting for the fish to fry.Don Colon's & dishwasher pre install (4)

Don Colon was a restaurant owner for years in Naples, Florida, and he knows how to set a nice table and have a comfortable atmosphere. He is very chatty and loves to tell you what is happening in Cuenca, and what’s new on his menu. He was off to Quito for a ‘reunion’ last Friday; the food was still wonderful but we missed his easy personality. The waitresses are lovely and helpful, but they just weren’t the same! We missed seeing him! The bar has a good assortment of liquors and he buys wine from different places, Argentina, Chile, etc., that are also good. We had an excellent Argentinian Malbec; he charged $14, not a bad price for a good bottle of wine at a full service restaurant in Cuenca.

We were a bit dismayed that they didn’t have any dessert cake available last Friday. He usually has a cake of some sort, Tres Leches, or Tres Leches Chocolate, and they are always good. Our waistlines were most likely happy that we didn’t eat cake this time. Hopefully, he’ll have a cake this week!

Don Colon’s is open every day, including Sunday, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He will also serve Paella on Fridays, if you ask a day ahead of time so he can get all the fixings for the dish. Special parties or ‘Almuerzo Ejecutivo’can both be arranged, and he will call you a taxi when you are ready to leave the restaurant. His business card says he will even pick you up if you don’t know how to get there! Phone number is #099-680-4525 or 072-838-909.


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