Puerto Lopez & Whale Watching

We just returned from a fabulous trip to Puerto Lopez, aka the Poor Man’s Galapagos. We went on an all day boat tour to Isla de la Plata where we saw whale after whale, and up close!


I was expecting to see them way off in the distance, but the boat pilot got us very close and I managed to get a few nice pictures of the moment when they shot out of the water. It was a spectacular sight.


Puerto Lopez is a small fishing village nestled in a lovely cove. We stayed at the Humpback Hostel, right on the beach. The owners and chef were so lovely, patient and they catered to our every whim…which meant truly fresh fish every night and a cup of tea in my room every night. Here’s a pic of the chef Jorge (short for Yuriy), his wife, Olga, and Vicenta, the hostel owner, holding the huge mahi mahi that we had for dinner our last night there.


The hostel is a 4 story building which sits right across the street from the beach. The top floor is the ‘Terraza’ where we ate breakfast and dinner every day. Jorge and Olga catered to our dining tastes every day with fresh fish for dinner; crepes stuffed with bananas and drizzled with chocolate sauce for breakfast – we had no desire to try any other place in town. I took this picture when the tide was in, from the Terraza:




2 responses to “Puerto Lopez & Whale Watching

  1. I leave for my first trip to Ecuador on August 17. I am so excited!! These pictures only make me more ready to go. I can’t move until some time next year but am looking forward to the opportunity.

  2. Looks wonderful !

    Thanks Elda

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