Busy Busy Busy

As usual, I’ve been lazy. I’m retired! Furnishing the new condo, shopping, trying out new restaurants, taking new bus lines to get used to the city, visiting with friends — new ones and old ones, planning for our upcoming trip to Peru and Macchu Picchu….just a few of the things we’ve been up to. Once we got our permanent visas and cedulas in hand, I thought we’d relax. Hmmm. It seems every day is busier than the next. I’ve got books I want to read and I can’t find the time.

Hubby has started teaching spinning classes at a gym close by; he enjoys working out at the gym up near Turi, Body Care, but the gym close to us needed his expertise. Monday through Thursday, 6 p.m. and sometime the 7 p.m. class, he’s the instructor. He’s now been able to use all that music that he spends hours downloading and mixing and sorting on his numerous music data holders.

I’ve wanted to get involved with some of the dog clinics and pet rescue groups, but honestly, it makes me so sad! I want to save them all! I’d like to bring them all home with me! Only one dog per condo is allowed n our condo; hubby doesn’t want any. We’d have dog hairs all over our new couch; we’d have to drag ourselves out of bed at all hours and in all types of weather. OK. Maybe later? or maybe someone will want me to take care of their lovely pooch while on vacation? Bring them on, he’ll fall in love with them, and I will too.

I’m enjoying learning how to cook and bake at 8300 feet above sea level and with a gas oven that, try as I might, never gets hotter than about 375 Fahrenheit. A lovely friend here in Cuenca loaned me an oven thermometer which clearly showed, even though the dial says “280” celsius, the oven thermometer never registers any higher than 375F. I placed bricks in the bottom of the oven, a shelf way up high with bricks on that shelf, and baking has gotten better. The bricks help to retain the heat, but I think I need more bricks. I need to start searching the trash around the many construction sites near our building. Each time I learn a bit more; each time, I get a better result.  No matter the result, I love the way beautiful roses always look good in my kitchen and I love looking out the window at my gorgeous view of Cuenca.


Still searching for one or 2 pieces of furniture to complete the ‘decorating’ and we need things to put on our bare walls.  We found this lovely three piece wallhanging. I love the play of shadows on the little 3 dimension houses on the hill. It reminds me of houses everywhere along the Andes hillsides.


I keep looking for that special piece of art for my very long dining room wall, and am still looking for that special kitchen clock. I’ll find them soon.


7 responses to “Busy Busy Busy

  1. The apartment is looking great….glad you did another post…have read them all…twice now..tell hubby I will join the spin class in Fed. 14 when I get there..the 70yrs old attorney from Midland, Tx. jdr1943@yahoo.com

  2. Hi,
    I’m a senior living in the Great White North…. hoping to move to Ecuador…just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your bog. You write very conversationally… keep up the great work. You might get me through winter…haa

    • Glad you like reading my blog! Today is a wonderfully sunny day, not a cloud in the sky over Cuenca. Warm but with a nice cool breeze. A bit like a summer day in Seattle in July. I’ve been baking this morning so I had to open the windows to get the condo cooled off from the oven and the stove and the sun on the windows. Hubby has already been for a walk; I may go out for a stroll later. I don’t miss those cold winters in Texas; don’t miss the humid hot summers, either!

  3. hey from mindo!
    i live in manabi, but i am helping friends in mindo right now and am online rarely.. i realized a few days ago that i’ve nont seen any new posts from nancy levin.. i read her last post and saw where you had some msg feedback as well.

    it’s great to see your blog, and in another week i’ll be home on the river and will have time to find out more about you and your life in ecuador!


    • Hello, where in Manabi do you live? many many years ago, I lived in Tosagua, a small town about an hour from Portoviejo, on the way to Chone. We still have friends there, and we hope to go visit sometime soon. We’d like to see Bahia again, too. We used to love going to Bahia for fresh seafood and better shopping than the mercado on Sunday in Tosagua! Love your art….

  4. hey from jama! if one rides the bus system, one knows where all of those places are located!

    just returned home today from three months near rio cinto, near mindo… it feels good to be home where i have (slow) internet out here on the river!

    more soon,lisa/z

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