Well, finally. All settled in. For now.

I have no excuse for not writing or posting here since last fall after our crate of 16 boxes arrived. Many of my followers asked me, what’s happening? How is everything?

The Truth is, Life. We settled in, our daughter came for Christmas, other family members came, we went back to Texas for a month, we got a puppy, made friends, ate out a lot, visited with friends, you name it. We are more busy than ever!

Hubby got a job, one hour per day Monday through Friday teaching spinning. I have gotten involved with a couple of dog rescue groups and a spay/neuter group. Hubby goes to a gym, we meet for coffee after, both within 1 block from our condo. We read the newspaper (el mercurio) and watch the humming birds. We walk the dog. I go to the mercado.

But he biggest deal right now, is that we are planning to buy a condo. Close by here, new construction, one of 2 penthouses,with a lovely terrace and view. Nice building, lots of amenities, and I am stressing out about the granite I REALLY really want. Once hubby got past the idea of spending all that money (gasp) we are ready to sign on the dotted line! That is, if they agree to the price we want. It is a bit scary, nothing  works the same here with regard to buying property. Just have to bite the bullet and hope all goes as planned. No escrow, no agents, no laws. All is in the contract, which we will need to have a lawyer review.

We are off on another cruise in October, Santiago, Chile around the bottom of the Americas to Buenos Aires, then a few days there, also a few days in Mendoza, the Argentine wine country before heading home. I sincerely hope that the whole condo thing is settled before we go, else I will have to start again from square one.

Hasta Luego!


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