Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig.

Hubby and I came home to Cuenca the evening of the big earthquake in Ecuador, after a month in Texas. Thankfully, for us, anyway, neither Cuenca nor our condo had any damage. As we were flying, the news of the earthquake forced the plane to first turn back to Houston and then later turn around again to land in Panama to wait until the Quito airport opened. Which it did, after about 2-3 hours waiting in the plane at the Panama airport.

Not so lucky for the ‘damnificados’ as those affected by the earthquake are called in Spanish on the coast. Such an apt term. Many died, even more hurt, and muchimos have lost their homes and livlihoods. It will be a couple of years before life is back to normal for many coastal residents. Shades of Katrina. So sad.

Many Ecuadorians, expats and many countries are stepping up to donate time, money, goods, food, water, etc. Solidarity in times of chaos and crisis. Probably will still never be enough.

Facebook pictures, videos and first hand accounts of on the ground issues and then later rescue efforts have kept us all informed but my guess is that it’s much worse than anyone can imagine.

Had to go to the dentist for a cleaning ($28) this week, which I hate hate hate having to do. Haven’t been for a year and she says I need to come every 6 months. Then she discovered a problem. Am told I have a gum ‘pocket’ and perhaps one or 2 damaged crowns, and maybe cavities under the crowns. Yikes. Went for a panoramic xray & dental tooth xray ($32) and am back at the dentist manana for the next step to take/have done. New crown, gum work, cavity to fill, maybe even bone work or implant, I have no idea.

However, in light of the devastation of lives that have impacted so many, so horribly, my little tooth/gum issue is nothing. Just aggravation.

I am truly blessed.


One response to “Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig.

  1. Thought of you two the second I heard of the earthquake. So glad to hear you were unharmed and your place was not damaged. I was in Ukraine when it happened and limited to wifi to ask how you two were. Thanks for the update!
    Armando Polanco

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