Earthquake & Tourism

Ecuador desperately needs help to recover from the devastating earthquake on the coast, and it seems that tourism, along with exports of roses, cocoa, bananas and shrimp, can help pay for the $3million+ it will cost to rebuild.

June July & August are the perfect months to visit Ecuador from Texas, or anywhere in the southern U.S.A. where it’s hot and humid. Those are the months where the whales come to visit Ecuador, and my favorite months to go to the coast here.

Here’s a wonderful travelogue, titled Ecuador: the Royal Tour, hosted by El Presidente himself, Rafael Correa, along with Peter Greenberg. It’s a great sendup of Ecuador’s diversity, and includes wonderful videos of the whales, the Galapagos, Quito, The Amazon. It just doesn’t show anything of the city here that I love, Cuenca.


It’s a great show, but it misses out on the city where I live, Cuenca.

Coco & scarves & Ecuador 081


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